“Never have I felt so welcomed, informed, and encouraged by a community that values what I hold so dear. CODAsummit was an absolute delight. I made new friends, found possible solutions to my challenges and left invigorated with increased assurance that my future is bright, and our work as a community is the wave of the future.”

Matthew Mohr
Artist & Associate Professor
Columbus College of Art & Design

Image: As We Are submitted by Matthew Mohr

“I was so glad to have been there this year and we look forward to returning. We see this event as having the potential to mature into one of the most important art, architecture, design, fabrication, and public art summits ever.”

Sean Kelley
A. Zahner Co.

Image credit: Annie Watt

“The event was an absolute blast, and I'm honored to have been able to take part in it. Very much looking forward to the next one!”

Andrew Zolty
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Image: Flip-Discs submitted by BREAKFAST

“Loved the summit ... loved the non-competitive atmosphere, great camaraderie, sharing experiences, unique event in many ways, very inspiring.”

Simon Donovan

Image credit: Annie Watt

“What a fun event ... seemed more like summer camp than a conference.”

Joe Meppelink

Image: Memory Cloud submitted by Metalab

“We enjoyed gaining a better understanding for public artwork and having conversations with the artists and those supporting their vital work. We hope to continue to build our partnership over the years and look forward to collaborating with artists we met at the CODAsummit conference!”

Gavin Downey
Sr. Product Manager
Epson America

Image credit: Annie Watt

3 Keynote Speeches

5 Panels

11 Industry Presentations

14 New Technology Presentations

Image: Luci submitted by UAP

“CODAsummit was spellbinding yet somehow always with a friendly vibe that seemed to reach everyone, leading to all sorts of interactions among the participants, both professional and simply social. I learned vast amounts from the presentations and was also able to make some connections that will be of great use. Santa Fe, with its relaxed ambience and easy access from one venue to another added to the friendly, welcoming atmosphere you created. There were so many of us, yet we all felt welcome and appreciated!”

-Katherine Jackson

Image credit: Annie Watt


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