10.02.19 - 10.04.19

CODAsummit: The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place
October 2 - October 4, 2019
El Paso Museum of Art
El Paso, Texas

Industry Presentations

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The Art of Physical and Digital Experience Design
NGX Interactive | Jan Beringer, Art + Experience
Collaboration, serendipity, and creativity are a few of the words to articulate the process of designing an experience.  Exploring a few recent art focused projects that reveal how we develop stories and spaces that resonate and connect with visitors. Responsive image

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Relationship Building, Catastrophizers, and Dream Crushing, The Reality of Creating Large Scale Sculpture
Demiurge | Mark Reigelman, Artist & Joe Riche, Firm Principal
Demiurge and artist Mark Reigelman discuss multiple projects produced together, or as Mark puts it “Please, Joe! : The Art of Begging and Trusting Others With My Life” Responsive image

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When Your Collaborator Is a Robot
Madison Robots | Heather Schatz, Artist and Co-Founder, Madison Robots
When artist William Duffy carved his small sculpture "Nocturnal Care" in stone, he envisioned it large scale, as shown in this proposal for the Kentucky Center for African American History, where the public could engage with it. With the help of Madison Robots, Duffy is now seeing that vision come true. Responsive image

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Leave the Engineering to the Engineers: Bringing Artistic Visions to Life Using Algorithms and Technology
LERA plus | Alfonso Oliva, Director of LERA plus
In this presentation, Alfonso Oliva, Director of LERA+ will discuss the various computational approaches artists can employ to optimize the structural design and fabrication of their sculptural works, simplifying design processes so that they can focus on the art itself. Mr. Oliva will review case studies where LERA+ helped artists move past technical complexities to realize their vision. Responsive image

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The Art & Science of Visual Effects
Fusion CIS | Lauren Millar, Executive Creative Director & Mark Stasiuk, Executive Technical Director
The combination of art & science works miracles. Fusion’s Lauren & Mark will describe integrating art, engineering & advanced visual effects technology to create unique, immersive digital experiences with unforgettable impact! Responsive image

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We are placemakers
Wireframe | Steve Blanchette/Antoine Clayette, Co-founders and Associate Producers
With urban densification and the rise of new technologies; Placemaking has become a new part of our everyday experience. Through touring and permanent installations, collaborations from studios to cities, see why Wireframe has become an international partner for many. Come and join us as we will discuss upcoming projects and how future technologies will shape our cities. Responsive image

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Heart, Head, and Hand
The public artist team of David Dahlquist and Matt Niebuhr from RDG Dahlquist Art Studio (RDG Planning and Design) have collaborated with Bill Zahner and his team at A. Zahner Company on several major installations. Our presentation will explore the critical relationship between artist, engineering and fabrication. We will share insights about the process, from early conceptual design through installation, including the challenging dialogue that is required to transform ideas into three-dimensional reality.
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Art and Business Go Hand-in-Hand
Creos | Alexandre Lemieux, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development
Have you ever heard about touring installation? Take a peek into Creos’ everyday environment, the world’s leading tourable interactive installation agency. From the creative process to the exportation stage, including business development, discover the countless details that make every showcase a true success story. Responsive image

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Shaping Stories with Textiles
Transformit | Cynthia Thompson, Textile Sculptor
Exploring the storytelling aspects of using textile architecture to define place, purpose, and experience. Textile sculptor, Cynthia Thompson, will take us on a brief tour of collaborative sculptural projects and their role in telling a story for a museum, a residential apartment building, and an elementary school. Responsive image

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Mariposa Revitalization: Watch the Interaction of Pattern and Scale Take Flight
Parasoleil | Uriah Bueller, CEO & Founder, and Artist of Pattern
Parasoleil discusses how the design and architecture of Mariposa VII embraces a lively viewpoint of urban life to promote wellness, connections, and personality for senior residents and the community. The project’s success was the result of the collaboration of the Denver Housing Authority, City of Denver, I-KOTA, Humphries Poli Architects, and Parasoleil through open communication and consistent design guidance in the custom pattern process. Responsive image

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New Regionalism in Art and Technology
Metalab | Joe Meppelink and Andrew Vrana
Metalab discusses how local difference and geographic opportunism help them produce public art projects for artists using their third-coast location as a resource. Fabricators and manufacturers who's market is based in the energy industry are redirected toward creative outlets under their design optimization and project management. Responsive image

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Ignition Arts | Rob Ley and Brian McCutcheon
This project began with an interest in challenging the typical notion of the parking structure as an unappreciated infrastructural typology by transforming the new Eskenazi Hospital parking structure into a binary, synthetic terrain. A field of 7,000 angled metal panels in conjunction with an articulated east/west color strategy creates a dynamic facade system that offers observers a unique visual experience depending on their vantage point and the pace at which they are moving through the site. Responsive image

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