9.20.18 - 9.21.18
Industry Presentations

CODAsummit: The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place
September 20 - September 21, 2018
Santa Fe, NM

Industry Presentations

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Rendering to Reality: A Behind the Scenes look at the Realization of Large-Scale Public Art
Demiurge | Joe Riche, Owner + Wynn Buzzell, Design Director of Demiurge
Demiurge presents Swirl by artist Jim Campbell with a focus on the process of optimizing irregular geometries, the use of parametric modeling, and the integration of technology. Responsive image

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Innovative Partnerships: Solutions to Artistic Challenges through Pioneering Technology
Gordon Huether Studio | Gordon Huether, Artist
Gordon Huether will take you on an exciting journey and behind-the -scenes look at massive, structurally integrated art installations for the new $3.6 billion Terminal Redevelopment Program at the Salt Lake City International Airport. Responsive image

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Exploring Pueblo Pottery
Ideum | Jim Spadaccini, Founder and Creative Director + Morgan Barnard, Digital Artist
Ideum collaborated with artist Michelle Lowden and used state-of- the-art projection mapping technology to explore traditional native design. Responsive image

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Wavelength: A Marriage of Art and Technology
Ignition Arts | Brian McCutcheon, Owner & Chief Design Officer, Ignition Arts + Emily White, Architect
Ignition Arts discuss the vision, technology, logistics and challenges of the design, fabrication and installation of award-winning Wavelength, installed in the newly-completed Southwest Airlines Terminal at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Responsive image

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Introducing MadisonRobots
MadisonRobots | Paul Reckwerdt, Owner, MadisonRobots + Heather Schatz, Artist
MadisonRobots share the story of an entrepreneur and an artist working together to re-conceive the business of fine art fabrication utilizing creative problem solving and 2 KUKA robots. Responsive image

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Design Optimization, Engineering, Project Management: 3 Case Studies
METALAB Studio | Andrew Vrana + Joe Meppelink, Principals, METALAB Studio + Shane Albritton, Artist, RE:site
METALAB principals discuss their role in Design Optimization, Engineering, Parametric Design, Digital Fabrication, and Project Management in three projects of varied scope and complexity by artists Shane Allbritton and Norman Lee of RE:site. Responsive image

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Transformative Experiences at the Intersection of Art, Technology and Health
NGX Interactive | Jan Beringer, Experience Lead, NGX Interactive
NGX Interactive present about an exciting convergence of interactive art, technology, and new approaches to health-based art therapy. They create a transformative patient experience using curiosity, calm, play, restoring a sense of control, and positive distraction. Responsive image

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Creating New Modes of Empathic Communication by Fusing Art and Technology
Nokia Bell Labs | Paul Wilford, Head of Audio Visual Research, Nokia Bell Labs
Nokia Bell Labs recently revitalised its engagement with the creative community through the establishment of its Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) lab and share their modern engagement with the artistic community and examples of those outputs. Responsive image

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To Make is to Love: The Role of Romance in Creative Practice
Second Story | Keri Elmsly, Chief Creative Officer + Pavani Yalla, Creative Director of Second Story
Love makes us at once bold and vulnerable. And inspires us to iterate and evolve. We believe the best creatives allow themselves to fall deeply in love, and will share examples of this in practice. Responsive image

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Light Sculpture - Transformation of Public Space with Light
Signify | Marina Leight, Key Account Manager, Signify + Bill FitzGibbons, Artist
Signify and Bill FitzGibbons present the objectives, challenges, and results of Lightrails, a Birmingham, Alabama, public art project, that totally transformed an underpass and turned an undesirable pedestrian space into an attraction. Responsive image

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Meeting the Dream Builders Bringing Art to Life on a Grand Scale
UAP | Daniel Tobin, Founder and Creative Director + Jamie Perrow, Senior Principal Art + Design of UAP
UAP's story is the creative adventure behind making big art. Learn behind-the-scenes how UAP works with artists, architects, and designers from across the globe — from concept and design through to fabrication and installation — to deliver truly breathtaking art projects. Responsive image

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